Permissions / Licensing

For more than 15 years, leading publishers have outsourced the marketing of reprints, E-prints and licensing to PARS International. As the industry's most respected outsource marketing firm, PARS was founded by publishing industry leaders for publishing industry leaders.


With today’s emphasis on sharing timely content, Permissions / Licensing services offer targeted, affordable new ways to leverage media coverage online, in presentations, blogs, collateral, press releases, newsletters, textbooks and annual reports. Having pioneered print and electronic offerings for more than 15 years, PARS also provides the industry’s most innovative and proactive representation of editorial permissions / licensing – and we make it easy.

Now more than ever, businesses are demanding highly focused, cost-effective complements to traditional reprints such as utilizing a quote or section of an article in brochures, annual reports, corporate Websites, sales presentations, media campaigns and the like.

PARS International is the most knowledgeable and proactive marketer of permissions/licensing services. Outsourcing the management of permissions/licensing to the PARS team offloads a time-intensive process from publishers’ own staffs, and generates substantial ancillary revenues. More often than not, this often overlooked area has the potential to generate significant returns.

For more information and samples of successfully licensed content, please visit our Permissions/Licensing page under “Services.”