Outsourcing your reprint, E-Print and licensing businesses to PARS means:

  • * New & Higher Revenues
  • * Broader Visibility
  • * Greater Advertiser & Audience    Satisfaction
  • * Valuable Feedback


At PARS, we recognize that not all publications are created equal. Different businesses require different resources, and each can benefit from our innovative approach to maximizing revenue. Partnering with PARS generates “turnkey” revenues while boosting brand value and visibility – at no overhead cost to you, the publisher.

Our specialized magazine and newspaper divisions are skilled in marketing your unique content. No one understands the individual needs of different businesses better than PARS. We pay attention to the details others routinely overlook, such as photo rights or use of syndicated content, to drive the maximum revenue possible from your content.

Outsourcing your reprint, E-Print and licensing businesses to PARS means:

New & Higher Revenues: Our publishing industry heritage gives us singular understanding of your brand’s editorial “net worth” in the marketplace. Your PARS research and marketing team will skillfully mine each print and/or online edition for reprint and licensing opportunities and proactively reach out to customers with insightful recommendations.

Broader Visibility: The extended use of your editorial keeps your brand in front of advertisers and readers, increasing mindshare and your publication’s stature as an industry authority.

Greater Advertiser & Audience Satisfaction: With extensive expertise in the markets you cover, PARS’ representatives help customers extend the value of editorial coverage without compromising your brand integrity. Unlike our competitors whose roots and forte are in print production, PARS is purely a marketing firm. We objectively counsel customers on the best mix of print, electronic and specialty products needed to best meet their own goals.

Valuable Feedback: We generate detailed monthly contact and status reports that help grow the reprint and licensing businesses – and elicit invaluable feedback from readers as well as advertisers on your editorial product.

The recognized leader in performance, experience and innovation, PARS keeps publication brands at the industry forefront in print, online, on-site, and at prominent events. We invite you to browse our services or contact a PARS representative to see how we can custom-tailor a program that is right for you and will help grow your business.